Attract more prospects, more income

October 14, 2020
Jerry Bellune

by Jerry Bellune


Lead magnets can change how you do business and produce more income.

It will attract more prospects to your sales funnel faster then you ever dreamed.

Lead magnets make an offer to get them to give you names and e-mail addresses.

Your lead magnet is the 1st thing a visitor to your site sees. It is where you show visitors how you can ease their pain, solve their problems or help fulfill their dreams.

You can change your lead magnets to test which ones attract the prospects you want.

The more relevant you make them, the more prospects you will attract and you will increase your conversions, too.

You can have different lead magnets, depending on where you place your offer.

If you target working mothers, then your lead magnet might offer a free e-book on how to manage their time.

If you help clients make more money, your lead magnet offers them tactics and strategies to increase their incomes.

Changing your lead magnet to target a specific target group makes your opt-in offers flexible. It gives visitors an immediate gift as a reward for visiting your site.

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