Become your customers’ best friend

March 11, 2021

By Jerry Bellune


Tiffany Wright operates a small business bookkeeping service in our county. She believes in building a close, personal relationship with each client to better understand and take care of their needs.

Is that the kind of relations you have with your customers? Do they see you as their best friend and welcome your calls, cards and other ways you show you care for them? If not, why not?

This is the attention to customers all of us should be known for. Our actions should convince them we are their best friends.

How often do we touch them:
• With the latest ideas and strategies to help them? Share these tips with them.
• Call to check on them and how they and their businesses are progressing?
• Pass prospect referrals to them?
• Call them with leads on possible prospects for their businesses?
• Send them and their spouses a card on their birthdays, and anniversaries?

Instead do we only contact them when:
• They ignore our bills?
• We want to sell them something?

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