Beware new package delivery scam

By Katie Ritchie


Are you expecting a package? If you get a text on your phone asking to set delivery preferences, you’ve been targeted by a new scam.

Here’s how it works. A text asks to set delivery preferences for a package. It claims to be from Amazon, FedEx or another retailer.

When you tap the link in the text something nasty happens.

Either malware installs onto your device as soon as you click the link or you’re taken to a fake Amazon listing. The page asks you to take a “customer satisfaction survey.” When that’s over, it offers you a reward.

You’re asked for your credit card number to cover a small shipping and handling charge. If you read the fine print, you’ll see you’re signing up for a subscription.

You get a 2 week grace period. Then you’re charged $98.95 every month. In return, they’ll ship you more of the reward you selected.

FedEx has issued a statement reminding customers that they don’t send unsolicited messages asking for money, package or personal information.

What should you do if you get one of these scam texts?

Do not click on the link. If it pretends to be from FedEx, report it by emailing [email protected] .

Block the number so it can’t contact you again.

On iPhones, block from the Messages app. Open the conversation, tap the number at the top of the screen. Tap the info icon. Then tap the number again. At the bottom, tap Block this Caller.

Android phones vary by device. If you have the Messages texting app by Google follow these instructions. Open the conversation. Tap the 3 dots in the upper right corner to open the menu. Select Details. Then tap the Block & Report Spam option.