BIA members are open for business

On March 28th, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) designated construction of single-family and multifamily housing as an “Essential Infrastructure Business.” While there is no mandatory federal order on what is an essential business, this is guidance from DHS that states can follow. In local jurisdictions where only essential businesses are allowed to keep operations going during the coronavirus epidemic, residential construction workers should continue to be allowed to stay on the job.

As cities and counties issue declarations and public health orders as a result of the crisis, it is essential that communities have access to professionals to build and maintain essential services including: building, plumbing, residential property management, rental housing operators, roofing, electrical, HVAC systems, waste/wastewater treatment plants and power generations. Home construction, including those industries listed above, should be designated as ‘essential’ because it is necessary to maintain safety, sanitation, and economic security.

Members of the Building Industry Association of Central South Carolina are Open for Business.

When you make the decision to buy or build a new home, or renovate your present home – choose a Professional, a Member of the Building Industry Association of Central South Carolina