B&R Machining and Fabrication expands capabilities with new plasma cutting equipment

October 11, 2022

B&R Machining and Fabrication, with facilities in Travelers Rest and Piedmont, has added Flat Sheet Metal Cutting to their list of services. B&R recently added state-of-the-art Plasma Cutting equipment, which uses an ionized jet of gas to slice through a wide range of materials. The concentrated beam of plasma creates a clean sealed cut superior to oxygen-acetylene torch cutting.

“Flat sheet metal cutting is efficient, cost-effective, and automated. Other benefits include versatility, speed, precision cut quality, safety, variety of shapes and energy efficiency. Plasma cutting offers surface edge quality like laser cutting. Hole tolerance and feature tolerance are often similar and are offered at a more competitive price than laser cutting,” said B&R’s founder and President, Barry Ballew.

B&R serves multiple industries including automotive, electrical, mining, railroad, textile, waste management and more. With more than 45,000 square feet of manufacturing space, B&R maintains and operates a comprehensive array of modern machining, fabricating, and assembling operations, all in a safe, climate-controlled environment. In addition to flat sheet metal cutting, B&R offers CNC milling, turning capabilities, Metrology capabilities, and custom-specific machinery.

“B&R Machining is more than just a machine shop. It is a family; we show our family members how much we appreciate them and all they do for this great company,” explained Ballew. “At B&R, we also take corporate social responsibility very seriously. We are proud members of the Upstate business community and consider it a privilege to lend a helping hand to those who genuinely need it. Always looking for ways to make a difference where we live and work is central to our business philosophy and company culture.”

To learn more about B&R’s flat sheet metal cutting and fabrication services, contact Tim Walsh at [email protected] or call 952.200.9319. For job estimates, visit brmafab.com or call B&R’s main office at 864.834.9692.


About B&R Machining and Fabrication

Based in Travelers Rest, S.C., B&R Machining and Fabrication has two state-of-the-art, full-service facilities – one in Travelers Rest and the other in Piedmont. Over the past 30 years, the company has grown from the original three employees to 20 full-time employees. In the early 1990s, founder and President Barry Ballew, in a leap of faith and with 15- plus years of experience in the machining and fabrication industry, opened a machine shop behind his home in Travelers Rest. He started with three employees, relying solely on leased equipment. The business soon outgrew this setting and expansion plans were put into place. What is now known as B&R Machining and Fabrication, Inc. was established in 1996. Ballew and his team have successfully grown the company beyond its humble beginnings through hard work and dedication to providing customers with the most innovative and reliable services. This dedication has led to phenomenal growth and expansion to serve a very extensive and diverse customer base encompassing the Southeast region and large areas throughout the Midwest.