Capital City/Lake Murray Country regional tourism office honors founder, Charlie Higgins

The Capital City/Lake Murray Country’s Board and staff will pause from their daily duties of promoting tourism on October 9, 2019, to honor the recent passing of the one of the organization’s founders, Charles L. Higgins (Charlie). He passed away on June 19, 2019.

“Charlie’s passing was a sad day for our organization. Our board, staff and members of the community wanted to share with Charlie’s family our memories and appreciation of Charlie’s leadership and contributions to the region. Charlie will be acknowledged and remembered on October 9th in a very special way. William McKinney, a local and talented artist, created an image of what Charlie loved to do and also an art icon that will remain on the Visitor Center grounds to greet visitors daily,” says Miriam Atria, President/CEO of the Capital City/Lake Murray Country tourism board.

For over 40 years, Charlie worked hard not only as the owner of the original Holland’s Marina, known today as Buffalo Creek Marina, but also to establish an organization to promote Lake Murray and the counties surrounding it. Charlie and co-founder Bobby Long met with Fred Brinkman, the Director of SC’s Parks, Recreation & Tourism Office and with area legislative delegations to create the Lake Murray Tourism & Recreation Association in 1981. A board of directors was formed and soon after the board attended travel and fishing shows to promote the four counties. The first director, Miriam Atria who was hired in 1983, is still the President/CEO today.

“We are excited to unveil our tribute to Charlie Higgins and know that he would be proud that we are remembering him in such a unique way,” says Atria.

Capital City/Lake Murray Country is one of the state’s eleven tourism regions promoting tourism in Lexington, Newberry, Richland and Saluda Counties. The Visitors Center is located on Highway 6, 2184 North Lake Drive in Columbia.