Charleston Metro Chamber and CRDA release Talent Demand Study that indicates 35,700 net new jobs in the next five years

January 19, 2023

The Charleston Metro Chamber, in partnership with the Charleston Regional Development Alliance, has released the Talent Demand Study, which provides a foundational analysis for industry, small business, education and community partners to understand the current and forecasted data on talent and workforce for the region as well as provide high-level insight into potential opportunities for consideration.

“Our region continues to grow, and we must be intentional to make sure that the workforce we develop has the skills necessary to fill critical positions and keep our economy thriving,” said Celeste Granger, Associate Vice President of Talent Advancement with the Charleston Metro Chamber. “As we shift our work at the Chamber to focus on equity and how to reduce barriers to employment, it is important to look at those jobs that are not only in high demand but also high-wage jobs that can give our region’s talent economic mobility in and throughout their careers.”

Highlights of the Talent Demand Study include:

  • New job growth and employment separation projections
  • Equitable occupation trends
  • Top five high-demand occupations
  • Remote work trends
  • High-Wage, High-Demand Occupations
  • Potential talent shortages in the Charleston region
  • Ways employees, employers and students/job seekers can utilize this report

“Charleston’s regional economy is strong, diverse and growing. Our region is home to 16% of the state’s population but is responsible for 22% of all South Carolina jobs created from 2016 – 2021,” said Jacki Renegar, Director of Research and Business Intelligence with the CRDA. “I continue to be impressed with how quickly area colleges have responded to the needs of local businesses. Aligning curricula and student enrollment with the needs of innovative, technology-driven companies is the key to sustaining strong economic performance and ensuring all residents have the relevant skills and experience for area job opportunities.”

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