Chris Fraser of Grubb & Ellis |WRS named as newest member of Charleston Industry Roundtable

January 17, 2012

CHARLESTON, SC – January 17, 2012 – Chris Fraser of Grubb & Ellis |WRS has been named as a member of the Charleston Industry Roundtable of the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond.

It recently held its first Charleston Industry Roundtable, hosted by the Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce.  The Federal Reserve currently had three regular Industry Roundtables – Baltimore, Richmond and Charlotte.  The Bank added Charleston as a result of the economic activity in the area. On February 1st, Fraser will be attending the conference in Richmond as a member of the Industry Roundtable.
The purpose of the Industry Roundtables is to learn about what is happening in the local economy  from business leaders in the community about their specific sectors as a way of better understanding changes that may occur in economic data.  By listening to business leaders share their own knowledge, the Bank’s economist gain a real world perspective that can’t be gleaned from tracking economic data.
Twelve business leaders along with Fed staff attended the first Charleston Industry Roundtable meeting.