City Council Highlights | February 21, 2023

February 21, 2023

During the City Council Meeting, City Council passed an ordinance to authorize the funding of various capital projects including the Finlay Park Revitalization and Construction Project. Finlay Park opened in its current form in 1991, and the new redesign respects the original plan by architect Robert Marvin. The revitalized Finlay Park will provide updated access to each amenity, which will improve circulation and engage users, while increasing accessibility, safety, and visibility with a goal of increasing daily interest for outdoor activities. Revitalization efforts include retaining the spiral fountain, cascading falls, and waterfall to connect to a newly renovated central pond, which will flow into an amenity stream. The new water features will also be naturalized with gentle sloping littoral shelves to promote visitor safety and will incorporate sustainable techniques to capture and treat stormwater. Other new amenities include an events stage and lawn, strolling gardens, restrooms, shade shelters, spray play, destination playground, bouldering walls, enhanced lighting solutions, public art, hospitality/park ranger offices, multiple walkways, accessibility upgrades, parking modifications, and a plaza overlook that captures the downtown Columbia skyline.



Total funding including redesign: $21,500,000.00

State Allocation: 1,000,000
Previous H Tax: 1,500,000
General Fund: 2,000,000
Current H Tax: 3,500,000
Congaree Fund: 3,000,000
Bond Issue: 10,500,000

Mayor Daniel J. Rickenmann also shared a brief video recap of some of the items discussed at the City Council meeting. View the recap here:

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