City of Cayce Establishes Traffic Speed Enforcement Unit

October 14, 2008

City receives State and Community Highway Safety Grant that will help put new officers on the streets to enforce safe speeds

Cayce, SC- October 14, 2008 – The City of Cayce has been awarded a State and Community Highway Safety Grant, which will help fund its new Traffic Speed Enforcement Unit.

Specifically, the grant will be used to fund two uniformed traffic officers who will be solely devoted to traffic patrol and will lead the traffic enforcement team. The grant funds will be used for the officers’ salaries and associated vehicles and equipment.

The State and Community Highway Safety Grant Program, which is jointly administered by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and Federal Highway Administration at the federal level and the State Highway Safety Office at the state level, will supply 80 percent of the funds for the project or $121,227. The initial grant is for one year, but the award is renewable annually through an application process. The grant program is intended to assist states and communities in the development of highway safety programs designed to reduce traffic crashes, deaths, injuries and property damage.

The Cayce City Council voted at its meeting last night to allocate 20 percent in matching funds, or $30,306, for the project and amend its 2008-09 budget.

“In the City of Cayce, one of our top priorities is keeping our citizens safe,” says Cayce City Manager John C. Sharpe. “Through this grant, we can put new officers on the streets to enforce safe driving speeds. By cracking down on speeders, we can help both drivers and pedestrians stay safe and enjoy our beautiful community. This grant will help us protect Cayce’s outstanding quality of life and we are honored to receive it.”

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