City of Columbia parking services introduces the Barnacle

August 8, 2023

The City of Columbia is introducing the Barnacle, an immobilization device that will be used in lieu of towing vehicles off high traffic areas in the City. This device is expected to go live August 14, 2023. This will not replace towing altogether.

How it works: Parking monitor places device on windshield of offending vehicle. The motorist then scans the QR code on device to pay fines and instantly receives release code. (In addition to scanning the QR code, motorists can go to or call 1-833-623-1445). The lightweight design allows for easy motorist release. The motorist must return the device to Dropbox or designated location within 24 hours of release.

Benefits to the Barnacle include, easy-to-use 24/7 motorist release, visible compliance deters future offenders, safer parking monitor deployment and motorist release and unlike towing, the motorist’s vehicle remains in the location it was left.