City releases 2024 youth services guide

June 5, 2024

The City has announced that the 2024 Youth Services Guide is ready to now be picked up at various City locations. The guide is a resource that is given to parents and guardians. It outlines services and programs that are provided to youth during the summer in the City of Columbia and throughout other parts of the community in Richland County.

“Ensuring that our youth have access to beneficial activities this summer is a crucial step in creating a safer environment for our children. It will take a collective effort to make sure that youth will be positively engaged this summer,” said Councilwoman Tina Herbert.

Citizens can pick up a guide at the following locations:

City Hall, Public Relations, Media and Marketing Department

1737 Main Street

City of Columbia Municipal Office

1136 Washington Street

Columbia Police Department               


1 Justice Square

Columbia Richland Fire Department Headquarters                     

Fire Museum

1800 Laurel Street

Hyatt Park/ Leroy Moss Multi-Purpose Center

950 Jackson Avenue

 Martin Luther King, Jr. Park

2300 Greene Street

 Pinehurst Park

2300 Pinehurst Road

 Woodland Park

6500 Olde Knight Parkway

Edisto Discovery Park

1914 Wiley Street                                    

Citizens can also access an electronic version of the guide by visiting this link: