Clemson rolls out 'Your Other You' responsible drinking campaign

September 22, 2008

Messages developed by Greenville’s Erwin-Penland
CLEMSON, SC – September 22, 2008 – A new awareness campaign at Clemson University urges students, alumni and others to keep their “other you” in check by drinking responsibly.

The campaign uses a Jekyll-and-Hyde-type message symbolizing the alter ego in people that appears when they drink too much. This “other you” exhibits the kinds of dangerous and inappropriate behaviors that can result from irresponsible drinking.

“Our goal with this campaign is to reach people — students and non-students — and make them think about their own behavior,” said Vice President for Student Affairs Gail DiSabatino. “There is such a bombardment of advertising that promotes alcohol and sports. This is one attempt to combat those promotions.”

The campaign was developed on a pro bono basis by Greenville ad agency Erwin-Penland.

“It’s tough to develop a campaign telling college kids how to behave because they have a built-in distrust for authority,” said Andy Mendelsohn, executive creative director for Erwin-Penland. “We came up with an approach we think is perfect for the campus mindset: It’s not preachy, instead addressing the consequences of risky drinking by showcasing situations that will be familiar to every college student.”

The campaign will use posters, newspaper ads, radio ads and video spots to reach students, alumni, parents and others. The ads portray situations such as fighting, older men making inappropriate advances toward younger women and public embarrassment.

One of the radio spots developed for the campaign was named the best public service radio spot in the country at the Radio-Mercury Awards.

The idea to develop a responsible drinking campaign came out of the student affairs committee of Clemson’s Board of Visitors.

“This issue of irresponsible drinking is not unique to Clemson but is one that is of great concern to parents, alumni and administration alike,” said Doug Harper, former chairman of the Board of Visitors student affairs committee. “The student affairs committee of the Board of Visitors felt that Clemson should take a leadership role and set the example for other institutions.”

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