Clinton Author has Two Novels Out

February 5, 2023

Clinton author Monte Dutton has two novels on the market.

Both — Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell and The Latter Days – are available for order in paperpack and ebook at, a new site designed by the publisher, and via most online booksellers.

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell was originally self-published in 2018. It’s a complicated suspense novel about t three people – a writer, a teacher, and a college student – who stumble into a national conspiracy involving crime, drugs, business, government, law enforcement and even Russians.

“The new version of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell kind of came out of nowhere,” Dutton said. “I just assumed it was some kind of scam. I must have hung up five times on the poor guy who kept calling me. I finally listened because he was so persistent.

“I think they stumbled across it because thought it make make a movie. We’ll see.”

The Latter Days, which is to be released within a few days, could scarcely be more different. It’s about a baseball scout who discovers a bright prospect no one knows about when he he’s sent to evaluate another. The plot then thickens.

“It’s brand-new,” Dutton said. “I finished the draft over a year ago but didn’t have time to do anything with it. It’s not like I’ve got nothing to do running two sports websites. Two novels written by the same guy could scarcely be more different in tone, style and subject matter. The covers symbolize the difference. One is dark. The other is bright. That’s the way the books are.

“About all they have in common is I hope you’ll smile occasionally at the messes the characters manage to make.”