Clinton Churches Plan “Walk, Worship & Prayer” for the New School Year

July 26, 2023

Local churches in Clinton are organizing a special event, “Walk, Worship & Prayer for our Schools,” on Sunday, July 30, at 6:00 pm. The event will commence with a walk starting from Bailey Municipal Building and concluding at the Depot in downtown Clinton. Here, the community will come together for a brief but powerful time of worship and prayer to seek blessings and guidance for the upcoming school year.

The event aims to unite people from different backgrounds and faiths in supporting the schools, students, and educators. All members of the community are welcome to participate, and if walking is a challenge, attendees can join directly at the Depot, bringing their chairs or using provided bleachers.

This event symbolizes the unity of the community and the commitment to uplift educational institutions, offering a positive start to the new school year.

Come and be part of the Walk, Worship & Prayer for our Schools on July 30 at 6:00 pm, as we unite to bless and support our schools and the bright minds of tomorrow. Together, let us set a positive tone for the new school year and pave the way for success and growth in our community.