Columbia Business, DESA, Turns 23, Donates To Local Schools

February 10, 2009

COLUMBIA, SC – February 10, 2009 – DESA, Inc., a business services and construction management firm in Northeast Columbia, will celebrate their twenty-third business anniversary on February 14, 2009.  In honor of this benchmark, president and chief executive officer Diane E. Sumpter has donated to ten local schools and foundations.

One hundred dollar checks were mailed each to Bridge Creek, Bethel-Hanberry, Forest Lake, Condor, Forest Heights, Gadsen, J.P. Thomas and Hyatt Park elementary schools. In addition, Richland County School District One and Richland School District Two received checks in the same amount.

It’s not just the anniversary that urged the company to donate to these schools. DESA stays heavily involved with all of the communities of the Midlands, especially when it comes to educational facilities and foundations. In fact, the eight schools previously mentioned were also managed by DESA when they were either built or renovated. Sumpter and her team have been supporting the two school districts since 1998, when the first construction project started.

“Our community is currently seeing the effects of the weakened economy, and our schools are no different. When it came time for our annual anniversary celebration, it was obvious that we needed to give back to those in need this year instead,” Sumpter said.

DESA, originally started by Sumpter in 1986, operates in five divisions:  professional and administrative services, event and conference management, marketing and communications, construction and project management and global business services. The company continues to grow, turn new leafs and most importantly, set stable foundations for their clients.

In closing marks of the interview, Sumpter added, “DESA was built on four core values, customer and employee significance, sound business practices and community involvement. This anniversary, we really wanted to focus on our educational community, because our children are the essence of the future. Without proper supplies and materials, students may never achieve their maximum potential. I know that our donations will make a difference at the schools we have chosen to contribute to.”

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