Community Spotlight – WLS Foundation

November 5, 2020

In this Community Spotlight we are featuring a new organization coming to Clinton and partnering with the City of Clinton to help our local veterans dealing with various challenges.

According to WLS Foundation, some challenges that Veterans face include:

  • Over 2.7 million veterans have served in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and 2.6 million served in Vietnam.
  • Although mental health professionals think the number is much higher, it has been estimated that 20% of veterans have PTSD and/or Depression, over 540,000 veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan.
  • 260,000 veterans have been diagnosed with TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury)
  • On average, 22 Veterans a day die by suicide
  • Divorce rates for veterans are double that of veterans without PTSD.

WLS Foundation exists to strengthen veterans and their families in the fight to heal from trauma and live well.

WLS Foundation is partnering with the City of Clinton and will host a Veterans Day program and run/walk on Wednesday, November 11th.  All proceeds raised will be used in the local community to assist veterans and support ROTC students with scholarships.

Hear from Patrick Elswick, co-founder and CEO of WLS Foundation in this video and then plan to come out to the event on Veterans Day.  For more information about the event go here and for more information on WLS Foundation go to their website.