County Council approves new timeline to consider Land Development Code Updates

September 21, 2023

Zoning map revisions pass second reading

Richland County Council approved an updated timeline to consider text amendments to the County’s Land Development Code (LDC) during Council’s meeting Tuesday, Sept. 19. Proposed revisions to the County’s zoning map passed a second reading.

The revised zoning map is part of the County’s LDC rewrite process that began in 2016 but was paused before completion. Zoning maps regulate land usage and determine which areas are designated residential, commercial or multi-use development.

Third reading on the zoning map will take place at Council’s next regular meeting Oct. 3, along with first reading of the LDC text amendments. A public hearing and second reading on the text amendments is now scheduled for Nov. 7, with a third reading Nov. 14. A condensed timeline follows:

  • Oct. 3 – Third reading of zoning map; first reading of LDC text amendments
  • Nov. 7 – Public hearing of text amendments; second reading of text amendments
  • Nov. 14 – Third reading of text amendments

More information on the Richland County LDC rewrite process and an updated timeline are available on the County’s website.

In South Carolina, all Land Development Codes (LDCs) must have two parts – written rules and a zoning map. State law requires Council first adopt a zoning map before text amendments can be considered and an LDC can take effect.

All County Council meetings are open to the public at the County Administration Building, 2020 Hampton St., Columbia. Meetings also are streamed live on the Richland County YouTube page, and links to virtual meetings can be found on the County’s social media platforms and website.