Countybank Foundation donates $10,000 to Greer Community Outreach Center

August 3, 2021

The Countybank Foundation recently donated $10,000 to the Greer Community Outreach Center, a non-profit organization that provides homeless shelters, a community center serving children and families, a food bank and resource center, as well as public and private partnerships to develop affordable housing.

“We are so grateful for the Countybank Foundation’s generous contribution and partnership,” said Steve Watson, Pastor of New Jerusalem Baptist Church, and founder of Greer Community Outreach Center. “With Countybank and Greenwood Capital’s support, we are able to focus on meeting the needs of our community and its residents.”

Kevin Duncan, Greer City Executive for Countybank for Countybank, presented a check on behalf of the foundation to Watson. Funds from this donation will go toward providing summer camps and meals free of charge for children in low income households.

“Giving back to the Greer community is a key piece of our mission, and we could not be more excited to present the Greer Community Outreach Center with this donation,” said Duncan. “We hope these funds will aid in the continued success of the outreach center and its summer camps.”


Greer Community Outreach Center

Founded in 1997, the Greer Community Outreach Center is committed to creating environments of support and a lifetime of hope for all parents, children, and youth in the Greer community. Since its inception, the outreach center has served about 1,000 homeless men, many previously incarcerated or battling addiction.

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