CrossFit864 Supports Veterans with the Chad Workout for Veterans Day

November 9, 2022

On Friday Veterans Day November 11, 2022 CrossFit864 will honor Veterans and bring awareness to the importance of suicide prevention with the hero workout is named “CHAD” after Navy SEAL Chad Wilkinson.

The Workout:
1,000 box step-ups for time.

The three options include:

1. Slick – No rucksack. You pick the height of the step-ups.
2. Standard – 30#/20# rucksack. You pick the height of the box step-ups.
3. Expert – 45# rucksack. Use 20″ box for step-ups.

There is an option for every fitness level so there is NO excuse for not doing the workout. We will encourage each other and work very hard to honor veterans and bring awareness to the importance of taking care of each other. Not only veterans but anyone in our community that might be struggling with these issues (suicide prevention)

At CrossFit864 we ask the question “if we don’t support our own community…who will?”

“Even while serving as a SEAL, Chad took time to scale up to the Expert version. There is zero shame in starting Slick, or with Standard weight, or in sharing the steps with a friend.”
— Sara Wilkinson

We support Sara Wilkinson (Chads wife) with this hero workout “CHAD” – in honor of Navy SEAL Chad Wilkinson who took his life on October 29, 2018 due to the effects of numerous deployments, several TBIs, blast wave injuries and PTSD. Our goal is to honor Chad’s life and legacy and to raise awareness for suicide prevention.