Curtis Loftis, South Carolina State Treasurer

The team at the State Treasurer’s Office acts as the state’s banker, managing and investing more than $45 billion in public funds for South Carolina State Government. They also safeguard more than $650 million in unclaimed property and work hard to return these lost funds to individuals, estates, and businesses. They administer the state’s tax-advantaged education and disability savings plans to provide opportunities for individuals and families.

Here is an overview of the services State Treasurer’s Office provides.


Providing accurate and timely banking services
Assisting state agencies with banking needs


Overseeing approximately $18 billion in assets under management
Investing funds for the state’s agencies and local governments
Maintaining liquidity and obtaining the best relative rates of return


Overseeing debt on behalf of the state, its agencies, institutions and authorities
Working to protect investments, securing the lowest borrowing rates and fees and ensuring timely repayment