Deltex Medical Group Announces Expansion into Greenville County

September 4, 2008

COLUMBIA, S.C. – September 4, 2008 – The South Carolina Department of Commerce and the Greenville Area Development Corporation today announced the expansion of Deltex Medical Group’s North American operations in Greenville.  The $2 million investment is expected to create up to 20 new jobs.

“Ultimately, it was the positive economic climate of South Carolina and the dedicated efforts of the area’s economic development teams that helped cinch the decision to establish operations here,” said Andy Hill, chief executive officer for Deltex Medical.  “We considered multiple sites in the Southeast, yet we decided on this area for its balance of economic opportunity, quality of life, access to talent, and central location to a growing customer base,” said Hill.  “We see an incredible opportunity in South Carolina for Deltex Medical.”

The company produces medical monitors, including the CardioQÔ esophageal Doppler monitor, that help patients recover more fully and quickly from the effects of major surgery.  The Greenville operation initially will provide sales, marketing and clinical training support to U.S.-based customers, primarily hospitals and medical centers.

The CardioQ’s unique value derives from its ability to measure blood flow in real time with every heartbeat.  Blood flow is an earlier and more sensitive indicator of changing or deteriorating cardiac and circulatory performance than blood pressure.  Following extensive trials, the U.S. government’s Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services ruled the technology “reasonable and necessary” for patients having surgery or in intensive care on a breathing machine, thus paving the way for reimbursement of doctors using the technology.

“The Greenville operation will focus on delivering outstanding customer service, clinical training, and just-in-time delivery of the CardioQ monitor and the disposable esophageal probes used with it to our customers in the USA,” Hill added.   “We are excited to establish operations here in Greenville County, and very appreciative of the support and leadership of the Greenville Area Development Corporation and Department of Commerce in making this announcement a reality.”

“Deltex Medical produces high-tech medical monitors used by health care professionals to help patients recover more quickly from surgery.  The company’s decision to locate here is a strong testament to the state’s business-friendly environment and the strength of our workforce.  Deltex’s investment will bring quality, high-paying job opportunities to residents of the Upstate.  Thanks to the team effort of state and local officials, Greenville County will benefit from this investment now and in the future,” said Joe Taylor, Secretary of Commerce.

“Deltex Medical’s decision to establish North American operations here is further validation of the attractiveness and economic vitality of this area,” commented H.G. “Butch” Kirven, Jr., chairman of Greenville County Council.  “Their global focus and significant growth potential affirms that Greenville County continues to be a center of opportunity for international businesses.  We’re pleased to have them here in Greenville County.”

“Deltex is a great example of how a company that combines world-class medical technology with an Upstate base can grow their business in North America,” said Jay Rogers, chairman of the Greenville Area Development Corporation Board. “The company is research-based, innovative and growth-oriented and a wonderful reflection of the opportunities to be found in Greenville County and South Carolina.”

Founded in 1989 in Chichester, West Sussex, England, Deltex Medical produces medical monitors that help patients recover more fully and quickly from the effects of major surgery.  The use of Deltex Medical’s CardioQ esophageal Doppler monitor reduces complications and shortens lengths of hospital stay associated with surgery.  The CardioQ is used to ensure that patients receive the right amount of the right fluid at the right time during their surgery (known as Targeted Volume Management, or TVM).