Dewhit Recognizes Safety Performance and Enhances Program

May 1, 2008

GREENVILLE, SC – April 30, 2008 – Dewhit, a Facility Maintenance and Housekeeping Services Company, is pleased to announce the company has met or exceeded safety performance goals for all of its North Carolina projects as well as enhanced the overall safety program.

North Carolina project managers were recognized at a company outing for their project’s safety performance. During the outing, a new safety pamphlet was revealed which will enhance the overall safety program; providing supplemental training on Bloodborne Pathogens (BBP), Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Hazard Communication (HAZCOM) and general and emergency safety preparedness.

All Dewhit employees receive three hours of initial safety training, then 30 minutes each week and one hour classroom training each month totaling 41 hours per year. In addition to formal recognition programs, Dewhit has an ad hoc reward program whereby the project managers have the discretion to reward individual or team excellence with appropriate rewards including meals, promotional items and financial bonuses. These accomplishments are normally recognized at either weekly or monthly safety meetings.

“Excellence in workplace safety is no accident,” comments Jimmy Pittman, Vice President & General Manager with Dewhit. “Along with our clients, we are committed to ensuring a safe workplace through best practices and that means a proper investment in training and employee motivation.”

About Dewhit

Dewhit, Inc. is a Facility Maintenance and Housekeeping Services Company. Based in Greenville, SC, Dewhit has been serving customers for over 25 years as a certified and ISO-compliant Minority Business Enterprise (MBE).

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