ECI-Find New Markets Provides Scholarships for Expanding Companies

September 30, 2008

COLUMBIA, SC – September 30, 2008 – ECI-Find New Markets, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping businesses increase competitiveness in the global marketplace, is providing a limited number of scholarships to qualified individuals and companies interested in expanding internationally.

The scholarships, valued between $350 and $700, can be used for participation in any of the S.C. Department of Commerce’s international trade missions in partnership with the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Gold Key Service.

We want to help businesses utilize these resources because they continually produce results, said Fred Monk, president of ECI.  The trade missions, in conjunction with the Gold Key Service, provide businesses with great opportunities to network with foreign affiliates and create new partnerships to increase trade.

The SCDOC’s international trade missions take place several times throughout the year and enable businesses, government leaders and other officials to travel to different markets and network with potential trade partners.  Upcoming trade missions for November, February and April are scheduled for Israel, Dubai and Turkey, respectively.

The USDOC’s Gold Key Service then arranges one-on-one meetings with prospective trade partners in specified industries.  All participating companies and potential matches are heavily screened by the USDOC to ensure that each client is matched with its best partner.
Companies interested in markets not included in the trade mission schedule can still utilize ECI’s scholarships via participation in the Gold Key Service independent of the trade missions.

In addition to these opportunities, ECI will be offering scholarship recipients essential market research relevant to their prospective trade area and industry.

To find out whether you or your company is qualified for one of ECI-Find New Markets’ international commerce scholarships, contact Fred Monk at [email protected].

About ECI-Find New Markets
ECI-Find New Markets, formally the South Carolina Export Consortium, is a private-public-academic partnership dedicated to helping companies increase their competitiveness in the global marketplace.  Through in-depth market research, creative marketing solutions and growth strategies, ECI identifies and develops new markets, new customers and new products and services.  Also a member of the South Carolina International Trade Coalition, ECI partners with several organizations on regional, national and international levels, to help companies grow their business through domestic and international expansion.  For more information about ECI-Find New Markets, visit