Election day is here

November 3, 2020

November 3rd is here! If you haven’t already voted the only option left is to vote at your precinct.

While there is significant focus on the Presidential election, there are many other important races on the ballot including U.S. Senate and Congress, State House including State Senator and State Representatives, and School Board seats.

It’s a critical component of our democratic republic that citizens go to the polls and vote.

If this year’s mail-in voting and absentee voting numbers are any indication, South Carolina voters are showing up.

If you are not sure where your precinct votes you can check here for your precinct location.

Some last-minute “day of voting” tips:

  • Based on early voter numbers be prepared for longer than normal lines
  • Bring government approved photo identification
  • Review your ballot carefully before final submission and let a poll worker know if there is an error.
  • Lastly, be kind and respectful to the poll workers – they are trained volunteers working to facilitate the process.

If you are one of South Carolina’s registered voters who waited for election day to vote, you have one thing to do today.

Go vote!