Enrollment up 9% due to No-Cost Option at PTC

March 1, 2022

Last fall, news about Piedmont Technical College’s “No-Cost Option” triggered a massive wave of enrollees. As of February, enrollment at PTC has increased 9% overall compared to last spring.

“We are particularly gratified to see an 91% increase in readmitted students over the previous year,” PTC President Dr. Hope E. Rivers said. “These are students who have been enrolled before but pressed pause on their education for a variety of reasons. That number shows that many students have put their college ambitions on hold specifically because of the cost. We believe that removing the tuition barrier motivated these students to come back to college in droves.”

Joseph Pinkard

The college’s latest enrollment numbers show increases across the board, including a jump of 23% for new students and 4% for dual-enrolled high school students.

“I have some friends attending who are very excited about the no-cost tuition,” said PTC student Joseph Pinkard, one of the college’s Presidential Ambassadors. Because they don’t want anything standing in the way of students’ pursuit of a new or better career, PTC officials have removed the tuition cost barrier for current and future students who enroll through the summer 2022 semester.

“We are thrilled to be able to offer the no-cost opportunity and hope to expand on the policy if funding is extended,” Dr. Rivers said.

The PTC No-Cost Option is in effect through the summer 2022 semester. For information about enrolling for the summer semester, visit www.ptc.edu/free.