Four CCSD Acceleration Schools released from state improvement list

April 5, 2023

Acceleration Schools, a multi-year initiative to serve underperforming schools in Charleston County School District (CCSD), is proud to announce that four schools have improved their state ratings and were removed from the South Carolina School Improvement List. Hunley Park Elementary, Morningside Middle, North Charleston Elementary, and Stono Park Elementary were designated Acceleration Schools in 2020. Each school received resources and training from state-of-the-art leaders and coaches to help implement engaging curriculum and programming to prepare students for the next grade level and beyond.

Schools recorded the following gains on the SC Ready English language arts (ELA) and math assessments:

  • Hunley Park Elementary saw a 40 percent increase in ELA and 66 percent in math
  • Morningside Middle School improved by 56 percent in ELA and 150 percent in math
  • North Charleston Elementary ELA scores rose by 102 percent and math by four percent
  • Stono Park Elementary improved by 32 percent in ELA and 71 percent in math

In addition to stronger SC Ready scores, these schools have seen an average of 2.8 percent decrease in staff turnover since 2019 and fewer student disciplinary actions needed.

Acceleration Schools identified and tracked school data, with the help of Harvard data strategist Abigail Benzine, to better understand how to serve students and teachers. Armed with this information, principals, teachers, and coaches identified areas needing support and where changes to curriculum, climate and culture, and leadership would benefit the school and, ultimately, improve student outcomes.