Global Upstate Conference on International Business and Foreign Affairs

March 20, 2022

The first of its Kind in Upstate S.C.

The Global Upstate Conference on International Business and Foreign Affairs, presented by the non-profit World Affairs Council Upstate, will bring scholars, business and community leaders together for discussions about the world’s most pressing issues. Over the course of March 29-31, the event will host 56 speakers with international expertise who represent companies, government agencies, national think-tanks, universities, the military and non-governmental organizations.

Our program begins on Tuesday with the International Trade Breakfast with the South Carolina Consular Corps and later features a Lunch Panel discussing Global Security: an International Military Perspective featuring Br. General Henrik Larsen and Br. General Muhammad Janjua, and a Keynote Ambassador Dinner featuring ambassadors John Herbst, Robert Blake, Philip Kosnett and W. Robert Pearson. Panel discussion topics include:

Russia and Its Neighbors with John Herbst, Ambassador (ret) to Ukraine and Uzbekistan (2000-2003; 2003-2006) and Director of Atlantic Council; Br. General Henrik Larsen, Denmark Senior National Representative to Central Command; David Manning, Author, Global Arms, In Defense of Eurasia; Philip Kosnett, Ambassador (ret) to Kosovo and acting/deputy ambassador in Turkey, Uzbekistan, and Iceland, and postings around the world; and Donald Morrison, Europe Editor, PORT; Columnist; Previous Editor of World Section, TIME Magazine.

Transportation Issues in South Carolina with Dave Edwards, President and CEO of Greenville Spartanburg Airport District; Stephen D. Van Beek, Director of the Steer Group; Micah Mallace, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Sales at South Carolina Ports Authority; Brian Gwin, Senior Industrial Development Manager at Norfolk Southern Corporation; and Rick Todd, President and CEO of SC Trucking Association.

Global Supply Chain Challenges (2 separate panels) with Frank Fisher, Vice President of Sourcing and Textiles Division at Milliken; Ben Cubbit, Senior Vice President – Consulting and Strategy Services; Kevin Cassidy, Director and Representative to Bretton Woods and Multilateral Organizations; Greg White, Principal and Host, Supply Chain Now, Kevin Jackson, Supply Chain Now; Bill Clifford, President and CEO of World Affairs Council of America; moderated by Dorette Coetsee, Director of South Carolina U.S. Commercial Trade Service, International Trade Administration | U.S. Department of Commerce; and moderated by Moderated by Dr. Chiang, USC Upstate.

Immigration, Workforce, and the Labor Crisis with Christian Herrmann, Attorney at Ogletree, Deakins, Nash, Smoak & Stewart, P.C.; Chris Richardson, General Counsel and COO at BDV Solutions; Knudt Flor, President & CEO of BMW (ret); Kevin Cassidy, International Labor Organization Director; and Jason Zacher, Senior Vice President, Business Advocacy and Upstate Chamber Coalition Executive Director.

Visit our website to see a full list of 21 panel topics and 56 speakers. For more information and to register please click here.


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