Greg Hilton, SOCO 80808

December 5, 2019

SOCO is a platform and coworking community for creators, indie workers and entrepreneurs. They opened their new Vista location, SOCO 80808, on November 20.

At just under 11,000 square feet, 80808 is SOCO’s largest location to date and replaces the original Vista location. 80808 focuses on supporting the growth needs of early stage companies and entrepreneurial/creative teams. It offers a dedicated section for fixed-desk members as well as room for flexible workers and day-pass users.

While the new physical space is exciting, SOCO’s defining feature is its extremely close-knit community of 150+ members, half of whom are women.  Comprised mostly of local creatives, entrepreneurs and businesses, SOCO members share in its core values of collaboration and “rising together.” To that end, more than 70% of SOCO members have worked together on a project over the last year.

SOCO offers membership plans starting at $100/mo.