Hana Engineers attending hazardous waste site symposium

March 29, 2023

Four executives and engineers from Hana Engineers and Consultants, LLC will be attending the Design and Construction Issues at Hazardous Waste Sites East spring symposium March 29-31 in Philadelphia.

The symposium brings together thousands of engineers, scientists, government employees, and other stakeholders interested in the rapidly evolving sector of hazardous waste site cleanup and remediation.

Hana President Marcus Kim, PE; Vice-President Jeff Zoeckler, PE, PG; Chief Operations Officer and Project Engineer Christina Jettie, PE; and Geologist Jonathan Rihs, PG; will attend the three-day conference. Hana Engineers is headquartered in Richmond, Virginia, with offices in North Charleston.

The symposium is designed to facilitate engagement between government and private-sector professionals related to hazardous waste sites. The conference is a collaborative event between the Society of American Military Engineers (SAME) Philadelphia Post and SAME Denver Metro Post, which hosts the DCHWS West Conference.


About Hana Engineers and Consultants, LLC

Hana Engineers and Consultants is an engineering and consulting firm based in Richmond, Virginia, with offices in North Charleston, S.C., and operations in several states. The company specializes in Geotechnical, Environmental, Operations Support, Construction Management, and other services for a variety of clients. For more information about Hana Engineers and Consultants, LLC, including a list of capabilities go to Hana’s website.