Hana Engineers publishes research on remediating contaminated groundwater

September 19, 2022

Carbonates and Evaporites, a geology research journal, has selected a research paper co-authored by three engineers from Hana Engineers and Consultants, including an engineer in the company’s North Charleston office.

The paper, which appears in the September edition of the journal, is authored by Hamid Rafiee, of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Hana Hydrogeologist Wanfang Zhou, Hana Vice President Jeff Zoeckler, and Hana Senior Environmental Engineer Christina Jettie in North Charleston.

During groundwater remediation work at a former defense site in Pennsylvania, Hana Engineers joined in a project delivery team that discovered submerged springs while conducting dye tests at 40 monitoring wells and 16 monitoring points near a stream. The discovery of the springs helped refine treatment models at the site and provided an opportunity to remediate and manage the contaminated groundwater more effectively, the paper said.

In addition to providing data and presenting maps, and the paper detailed how they tested and evaluated the significance of the discovery of the three submerged springs to help refine groundwater treatment. As the case study notes, groundwater remediation can be difficult in the complex hydrogeologic environments where karst and fractured rock are present.

Click for an abstract for the research and case study in Carbonates and Evaporites.


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