Home Works named nonprofit partner with Lowe’s

July 23, 2021

Home Works of America, a home repair organization serving low income elderly homeowners in need in South Carolina, has been selected as a nonprofit partner with Lowe’s Home Improvement. The partnership includes repair program material contributions from Lowe’s as well as volunteer opportunities for Lowe’s associates with Home Works.

The partnership will support the repair efforts of 22 homes across South Carolina in 2021-22, which will be carried out by volunteers who serve throughout the year.

The nonprofit community partnership will be immensely helpful in alleviating housing burdens for 22 elderly homeowners in Home Works’ SC footprint.



HomeWorks is a 501(c)(3) with a mission to show God’s love through service to others by repairing the homes of elderly and disadvantaged homeowners, assisting youth in their development and empowering communities to care for their own members. Since 1996, more than 50,000 youth and adult volunteers have repaired more than 3,000 homes for elderly, disabled or veteran homeowners who qualify based on income/ownership guidelines.  A typical homeowner assisted by Home Works is a 76-year-old widow living annually on $12,000.  Home Works oversees various repair projects ranging from the replacement of roofs to the construction of ramps, the gutting of bathrooms, the repairing of ceilings and the painting of walls and home exteriors. Home Works creates a context in which youth are mentored in life skills while connecting with poverty-stricken homeowners in a context of transformation.  At every Home Works repair project, construction meets compassion. For more information on how to volunteer (individual or youth/civic/corporate group) or to see if you qualify for home repair assistance, please visit www.homeworksofamerica.org or contact the Home Works office at (803)781-4536.