How to survive in trying times

April 8, 2020

By Jerry Bellune


Sure, covid-19 is a challenge. Most of us have been through this before.

Our friend Scott Channell reminds us that when the economy contracts, we get through it stronger, weaker or not at all.

Scott’s tough love advice: Sell to get covid cash. Beware of hucksters. Be thoughtful, be deliberate. Act quickly. Cover all bases.

Do your homework. Have a strategy. Work your strategy. Remember, there are no easy comfortable solutions in times of crisis and the answer is never a single thing.

What gets us through tough times is focus and execution. Doing what you should have done but did not feel the urge to do or were uncomfortable doing when times were good, is what you need to do now.

Mega tighten your list. Prospect and sell smarter. Have no tolerance for inefficiency or ineffectiveness. Stop interacting with lower quality targets.

Punch up your offer. Be direct. Say what you were uncomfortable saying before.

Prepare to be uncomfortable.

Be more efficient. Focus on opportunities. Don’t move in too many directions.


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