How to write letters to your prospects

June 25, 2021

By Jerry Bellune

Jane Ellen Murray bubbled over with advertising ideas. After she was graduated from college, she landed a menial job at an ad agency where she loved working.

“I was around all the writers and could pester them with my ideas,” she said.

She worked her way into writing ad copy and eventually became creative director.

She saw advertising in terms of the art of letter writing. You hold a conversation with the one you are writing to.

She used words such as “you” and “yours” in advertising headlines.

She wrote a popular campaign for Sears Roebuck paint. Her head line: “For great American homes like yours.”

For another account, the agency’s researchers found that many women resented advertising that showed only blondes.

Her campaign for the hair-tinting shampoo For Brunettes Only focused on that resentment. It read “Men toy with blondes but marry brunettes.”

What does this suggest for your ads? Think about what motivates your ideal prospects? What angers, aspirations, dreams and hopes make them buy.

How can your advertising talk with them about their feelings?

Make it like a letter from Mom.

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