Hyundai Specifies Soliant's Fluorex(R) Bright Film

December 9, 2008

For Durability, Streamlined Production & Environmental Benefits

World’s First Use of 6 Preforms Insert Injection Molded Into One Part Wins as a ‘Finalist’ in Nov. 08 SPE Automotive Division Innovation Awards Program

LANCASTER, SC, December 8 – Hyundai Kia Motor Company specified Soliant’s Fluorex(R) bright film on the current model Verna (Accent in Europe) Grille for improved part durability, streamlined manufacturing and environmental benefits. Mass production began Sept. 1, 2008 with 400 units per day and 100,000 per year are scheduled. Previously, the grille was chrome plated followed by painting. Fluorex(R) bright film is replacing two processes with one very clean process, said Mr. Ho-Tak Jeon, Research Engineer Polymers for HKMC (Hyundai Kia Motor Company). We specified Soliant’s Fluorex(R) bright film because it passes HKMC (Hyundai Kia Motor Company) materials specification where a lot of emphasis is on UV resistance, scratch resistance and cleanability with high pressure power washing equipment, continued Jeon.

Innovative Technology Wins as a Finalist in SPE Innovation Awards Program

This technology includes an industry first time use of 6 preforms insert injection molded simultaneously into one part. This innovative technology was recognized as a Finalist in the Nov. 08 SPE Automotive Division Innovation Awards Program. ECOPLASTICS, of Kyoung-Ju City South Korea is the Tier-1 supplier who worked with Soliant to develop this advanced technology. A multifunctional team from ECOPLASTICS (R&D, manufacturing, QC) and Hyundai Motor Company developed a fully automated process. In this process, Soliant Fluorex(R) bright film, is thermoformed into preforms. These preforms (6) are positioned in an injection mold and molded in a single shot grille. Fluorex(R) bright film enables the grille to be finished, Class A, right out of the mold. This novel approach speeds set-up, cycle times and overall production.

Advanced Quality

In addition, the grille is very durable as the Fluorex(R) bright film has an adhesive layer bonding it to the ABS so it does not peel or chip. The grille is also very weatherable as Fluorex(R) bright film is UV and chemical resistant so parts continue to look good over time. Combining the durability of Fluorex(R) bright film with the strength inherent in ABS and the added UV benefits of ASA enhances part quality. This gives automakers more value and less warranty issues.

Award Winning And Environmentally Sound Technology

Soliant Fluorex(R) bright film offers additional environmental benefits as it enables a chrome-like finish without the hazardous effects of electroplating or paint. Automakers, consumers and the environment all benefit as use of Soliant Fluorex(R) bright film and paintfilm also encourages the use of lighter weight materials on automotive vehicles which results in better fuel economy.

Soliant was awarded the Global Plastics Environmental Conference (GPEC(R)) 2008 Achievement Award for Enabling Technologies in Processes and Procedures — for developing Fluorex(R) bright film. This sustainable alternative to chrome plating demonstrated very low emissions, excellent impact performance and 100% recyclability. Soliant met all GPEC(R) Award criteria for Sustainability and Recycling for a Greener Environment.  The award was presented by the Plastics Environmental Division of the Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) at a banquet during the GPEC(R) conference March 11-12 in Orlando, Florida. Soliant was deserving to win again as they met all criteria with a different product — Fluorex(R) bright film — which offers further environmental benefits as an alternative to the hazards of chrome plating,  said Larry Koester, VP Communications for the GPEC(R) Awards and the SPE Environmental Division. Soliant is in a small group of elite companies who are multi-year winners of our Environmental Stewardship awards, continued Koester.

Soliant was recently acquired by AkzoNobel, the world’s largest supplier of paints and coatings. This was done to significantly strengthen AkzoNobel’s position in the automotive plastics decorating market. According to Jim Rees, General Manager for AkzoNobel Car Refinishes, The acquisition of Soliant LLC affirms our position of investing in ‘green’ technologies that offer substantial and sustainable growth potential. This addition to our portfolio is about developing a new approach to our markets. It creates a strong platform for future growth based on the broader concepts of decoration and not simply painting. It enables us to meet our commitments to provide Tomorrow’s Answers Today by combining the technology leadership and operational excellence of Soliant with the global market reach and customer base of AkzoNobel. We look forward to welcoming the Soliant team into the AkzoNobel portfolio of businesses. Rees adds that Soliant is especially attractive because of the strong management team in place and the unique intellectual properties, protected by patents, upon which its product offerings are based.