InnoVision 2020 call for nominations

June 16, 2020

InnoVision will continue to highlight, promote and honor SC Innovators in 2020.

This year, more than ever, it seems appropriate to recognize and celebrate South Carolina innovation. Companies, not-for-profits, and community organizations are rising to new levels of creativity and innovation as they operate within the “business as usual” environment and respond to the challenges arising from the evolving “new normal.”

The InnoVision Awards nomination process has been simplified for 2020. Just answer three short questions to nominate an organization. We have also added a category for Covid19-related innovations. You can submit your nomination(s) at InnoVision Nomination.

Innovation achievements related to Covid-19 will be featured on our website as well as webcasts and webinars throughout the coming months. InnoVision Award Finalists will be announced in early Fall; Winners in late Fall. All 2020 finalists and winners will be honored and showcased in videos featuring their innovative achievements.

Award Categories

Technology Development Award
Recognizes a company or organization for the development of new or improved technology-based product, process or services that may be utilized for internal purposes or commercial use.

Technology Application Award
Recognizes a company or organization for the innovative application of an existing technology for internal purposes or commercial use.

Innovation in Education Award
Recognizes a company or organization for the application or development of innovative and/or technology-based projects and programs that impact education.

Community Service Award
Recognizes an organization for establishing and/or supporting innovative and/or technology-based projects and programs that improve the quality of life for the SC community.

Small Enterprise Award
Recognizes a small business entity, defined as an organization with fewer than 50 full-time employees or less than $20 million in revenue, for the innovative application or development of a technology-based product, process or service.

Dr. Charles Townes Individual Achievement Award
Honors an individual who exhibits a commitment to the advancement of technology and the SC community through his/her technology-oriented contributions. Such contributions may be business, civic and/or educational in nature and must benefit SC, at a minimum.

Covid-19 Response Awards
Honors innovative responses to the challenges created by Covid-19 and includes those related to changes in processes, products and employees in businesses, educational and community support organizations.


Founded in 1999, the InnoVision Awards program is designed to recognize, honor and promote leadership in innovation and technological excellence, as well as to provide a platform for SC business and community leaders to communicate and collaborate with one another. Through its awards program and series of forum webinars, InnoVision plays an integral role in the focused efforts to establish South Carolina as a thriving market for economic growth and entrepreneurial activity.