International Law and its Effect on Life in America

October 24, 2022

On November 8, 12:00 PM at the Kroc Center, the World Affairs Council Upstate will be hosting an interactive lunch and learn speaker event called International vs. Domestic Law. The purpose of this lecture is to provide a politically neutral update on this important issue.

Do you remember when “Brexit” was in the headlines? How did it effect America? What about South Carolina? Americans are impacted by changes in international law in many more ways than one may expect. From the acquisition of our states through treaties, sending mail or engaging in commerce across the world, or using apps and software worldwide, international law shapes everyone’s lives in hundreds of ways. But how does it impact domestic law? Upstate International’s Beyond the Headlines speaker event will dive into this topic.

Dr. Allan Wilford, a professor of Political Science at Anderson University whose research focuses on political parties and inequality across advanced democracies, will be giving an educational lecture on his experience with this important issue. Doors open for lunch and the discussion on November 8th, 12:00 PM, located at the Kroc Center, 424 Westfield St., Greenville, SC.

Beyond the Headlines; Critical Issues Impacting our World is a Lunch and Learn format speaker series designed to bring fact-based information on the most pressing global issues of today to Upstate residents. Utilizing academics and research institution thought leaders, we strive to keep political opinions out of the presentation and allow people to ask their own questions and formulate their own opinions.


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