Hospice Nursing Assistant

August 10, 2022

About Hospice of Laurens County: Hospice of Laurens County was the first hospice to open in Laurens County and has continued to be a leader in hospice care in the community for almost 30 years. A not-for-profit organization, Hospice of Laurens County not only cares for the patient but also their family and loved ones.

Team Description: Our homecare teams are Interdisciplinary teams providing hospice services and support to patient and caregivers in their home environment. Each team is divided up to serve a specific geographical area. Each member of the Interdisciplinary team (Nurse, Social Worker, Chaplain, Nursing Assistant) provides discipline specific services within their scope of practice to their assigned patients, while working as a collaborative team to support our mission.

Position Summary: Responsible for the provision of personal care for the patient and limited housecleaning chores within a homecare, LTC facility or inpatient setting; Serves as a member of interdisciplinary team to meet specific plan of care goals; Works closely with related disciplines to ensure professional service delivery.

Must be a Certified Nursing Assistant