Join NASA and the International Space Station at SCRA – August 22

August 18, 2017

South Carolina entrepreneurs, companies and researchers soon will have the opportunity to have an astronaut as their lab technician, and the International Space Station (ISS) as their lab to test innovations.

SCRA will be hosting NASA and the Center for Advancement of Science in Space (managers of the ISS U.S. National Laboratory) Tuesday, August 22, 2017. The day following the historic solar eclipse will provide a unique opportunity to learn how the ISS can spur the next generation of economic growth in South Carolina. This is the first time an exhibit of this nature and caliber will be on display in South Carolina.

The ISS is available for research and product testing in the fields of life science, physical science, developing technology and remote sensing for data collection. Scientists have found that utilizing the ISS offers three benefits, which are not obtainable on Earth: extreme conditions, microgravity and the vantage point. The ISS can be used to test everything from methods of drug discovery, regenerative medicine, accelerated disease modeling, to combustion, additive manufacturing, and infrastructure.

WHO:                    NASA and the Center for Advancement for Science in Space
WHAT:                 ISS Mobile Exhibit & Plenary Session

The ISS Mobile Exhibit is a multimedia experience which immerses visitors in the story of NASA and the International Space Station. Guests will learn about the role the space station plays as the centerpiece of human exploration efforts that allows us to perform experiments and scientific research only possible in microgravity. Visitors also learn how the science happening onboard the station is helping us improve life here on Earth and plan for future missions into deep space. Guests will also have the opportunity to touch one of eight touchable moon rocks in the world.

There is limited seating for the Plenary Presentation from noon until 1:30 pm. The Plenary Presentation will include ISS Program Scientists in addition to members of the Commercial Innovation Team at the Center for Advancement for Science in Space. The Plenary Presentation will conclude with an astronaut’s perspective on performing research on the ISS.

After the plenary session, attendees will have the opportunity to hear from a real astronaut who has lived and worked on the ISS. Doug Wheelock, a veteran astronaut with more than 178 days in space, will be on-site to discuss his time onboard humankind’s only orbiting laboratory.

WHEN:                 Tuesday, August 22, 2017 from 12:00 noon until 5:00 pm
WHERE:               SCRA Headquarters, 315 Sigma Drive, Summerville, SC 29486


About SCRA
Chartered in 1983 by the State of South Carolina as a public, non-profit corporation, SCRA fosters South Carolina’s Innovation Economy by supporting entrepreneurs, enabling academic research and its commercialization, and connecting industry to innovators.