Jordan Reynolds joins Craig Gaulden Davis from UNC Charlotte

July 5, 2022

Jordan Reynolds joins Craig Gaulden Davis from UNC Charlotte with a graduate degree in Architecture. After a high school drafting class, Jordan pursued a Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University where her professors saw much promise and encouraged further study. As a creative and technically minded individual, she is driven by the problem-solving challenges of the built environment and the positive impact architecture can have on people. Already, she is engaging in AIA by serving on the State Equity Committee to help create a National Association of Minority Architects Chapter in South Carolina.


Craig Gaulden Davis is an architecture, interior design, and planning firm with offices in Greenville and Baltimore whose community-centered projects focus on the Education, Arts, Civic, Ministry, and Commercial sectors. After 65 years in practice, they have earned a reputation for professional excellence, innovative design, and technical expertise through a portfolio of hallmark projects in the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic.