Keep your roof in check! Protect Your Investment.

March 2, 2021

When it comes to keeping your family safe and sound in your home, one of the most important elements in doing so is often overlooked.

Your roof is a main component that can affect smaller components of your house if not properly maintained. Routine roof inspections are extremely important to not only keep your house in good shape, but to keep your family safe as well. Neglect of your roof can lead to problems that can be costly or even harmful.

So why is it so important to keep your roof in check? The most common roof problems that we see range from missing and damaged shingles, moss or trees growing, sagging roof, and leaks from cracks. Without a periodic inspection, you just don’t know what the current condition of your roof is.

Out of sight out of mind?  We hope not.

It is inevitable to have roof problems, especially with the weather around here. Weather can fluctuate from moderate to extreme in just a weeks time. We may also experience a crazy summer storm that impacts your home but your neighbor two streets over didn’t get one drop of rain. Weather can do damage on your singles and the overall condition of your roof. Once a storm is over, the most important thing to do is to have your roof checked out. Missing and damaged singles, from wind or hail, can cause water leaks. Next thing you know, you see a water spot on your ceiling. Sometimes water damage can lead to more serious problems such as mold, wet insulation or rotting wood.

The last major issue with a roof is age. Aging over time, even from just the sun, can put wear and tear on a roof. Roofs are meant to last a long time, not forever. But with the right care and routine roof inspections, your roof can last longer than expected and you will maximize your investment.

It might sound hard to keep up with your roof but that’s what I am here for. Weatherguard Roofing keeps the entire process simple and easy. The best part of it all? We offer free inspections! We also specialize in the insurance claims management process and meet with insurance adjusters to point out damages noted during the inspection. One simple phone call can fix a lot of problems.

Weatherguard uses the top materials available and our team is dedicated to providing the professional workmanship that has made us the restoration company that people know and that you can rely on. We can handle your commercial or residential roofing job with skill and efficiency so what are you waiting for? Keep your roof in check! When it’s time to replace your roof, we will be there every step of the way.

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