Lake Greenwood Boundary Line Agreement Process Changing 

October 12, 2022

Greenwood County Council will be considering a proposed change to Lake Greenwood boundary line agreement process at their meeting on Tuesday, October 18. This proposal is a change in focus from the current fee simple process to easements for property adjacent to Lake Greenwood. 

This change is being brought forth to limit the risk to the county and to all residents (both lake front and non-lake front property owners) as it will reduce the potential of future tax increases related to boundary line issues, should they arise. 

The change in the process does not have any effect on property owner’s access to Lake Greenwood. Access will be, and has always been, completely unfettered for property owners. In fact, nothing will change for property owners unless they ask for a boundary line agreement. 

There are a few properties on Lake Greenwood that already have property easements, so this decision is not a completely foreign concept. Easements will provide clarification for property owners, limit the risk to the county and taxpayers, and continue providing property owners legal access to the lake. 

Greenwood County Council will meet at 5:30 p.m. October 18, in the Greenwood County Library’s American Veteran’s Auditorium.