Lander University, Technical Colleges sign agreement to recognize general education credits for transfer students

October 29, 2020

Lander University and the South Carolina Technical College System have signed a partnership agreement to enhance the transfer of students from any one of the 16 technical colleges in South Carolina to Lander University. This new agreement will allow Lander to accept the associate of arts or associate of science degree awarded by one of South Carolina’s technical colleges as completing all general education requirements at Lander.

Beginning immediately, this new program will aid students in making a smoother transfer between institutions. It will help reduce lost time to graduation, and relieve some of the added financial burden associated with transferring. “Students completing an associate of arts or an associate of science at any S.C. technical college can now seamlessly transfer into any of the baccalaureate programs at Lander University,” said Dr. Jim Colbert, associate provost at Lander University. “We are very pleased to partner with the South Carolina Technical College System.”

This is only the latest in a series of agreements between Lander University and South Carolina’s technical colleges. Last month, Lander University’s College of Business signed a similar agreement which created a pathway for students who have earned an associate of applied science to transfer into Lander’s new Bachelor of Applied Science in Business Administration program. Meanwhile, Lander’s College of Behavioral and Social Sciences has signed a number of agreements with South Carolina’s technical colleges to establish a pathway for students who have earned their associate of applied science in a particular discipline to transfer into the college’s equivalent baccalaureate program.

“Lander University and the South Carolina Technical College System share the same goal, and that is to develop a strong and able workforce for the state of South Carolina,” added Dr. Scott Jones, provost and executive vice president for academic affairs at Lander. “This agreement further establishes Lander as a transfer-friendly institution. We are eliminating the needless barriers that transfer students often encounter at other universities. We recognize the quality of the graduates of the S.C. Technical College System, and thus we will provide them with credit for their accomplishments.”

About the S.C. Technical College System:

Comprised of 16 colleges located strategically across the state and two internationally-renowned statewide programs, ReadySC™ and Apprenticeship Carolina™, the S.C. Technical College System is dedicated to furthering economic and workforce development in South Carolina. As the state’s largest higher education system, the System educates more of our state’s undergraduates than all the other public higher education institutions combined. Dedicated to making a quality higher education both accessible and affordable, the System plays a key role in educating and training South Carolina’s workforce for the in-demand, high-skilled jobs of today and tomorrow. Learn more about the System by visiting

About Lander University:

Founded in 1872, Lander University is a co-educational, state-assisted, four-year university serving approximately 3,500 students and offering more than 80 areas of study in the liberal arts and sciences. Located in Greenwood, S.C., the University has a long-standing tradition of providing a challenging, enriching education that prepares graduates to lead lives of meaningful activity, of personal satisfaction and of service to others. Learn more at

-Story by Graham Duncan, [email protected]