Laurens City Council Conducts Goal Setting Workshop

March 24, 2021

Laurens City Council held a goal setting workshop on Wednesday, March 24th, in advance of the FY 2021-2022 City Budget planning process. The planning session was intentionally scheduled to take place after the election, so the council members who would be approving the budget would have the opportunity to provide input and be a part of the process. The workshop was conducted by Jeff Shacker of the Municipal Association of South Carolina.

During the workshop Mayor Senn shared with members of city council a report summarizing his Administration’s Strategic Plan and some key goals of his administration which include:

  • Provide High Quality Public Service,
  • Work in Partnership with Our Community to Achieve Safe, Livable Neighborhoods, and
  • Create and Sustain an Economically Prosperous City.

“Laurens is growing, and that’s a great thing.  But the best way to make sure that we grow well is to be prepared and plan,” said Mayor Senn. “What should be encouraging to our residents is the fact that their Mayor, City department leaders, and City Council Members seem to be unified in our understanding of what our needs are and what must be done to meet those needs.  There is strength in that unity, and that strength just makes our city an even more attractive place to live and work.”

The main objectives addressed during the City Council workshop were:

  • Tackling the twin issues of litter and stepped-up code enforcement,
  • Strategic investment in capital needs, and
  • Prioritizing quality employee retention and attraction.

Laurens City Council will hold a budget workshop for FY 2021-2022 in April and begin the budget approval process in May.