Laurens County Farmer Takes Wins First Place at Sunbelt Ag Expo

November 21, 2022

Last month the Sunbelt Ag Expo was held inn Moultrie, Georgia.

Among the competitions was the Southeastern Hay contest and this year’s winner is from Laurens County.  Mr. Reed Edwards from FoxPipe Farm received the first place in the Mixed/Annual Grass Hay category, with Alfalfa/Novel Endophyte Tall Fescue mix hay.

Last year Edwards won third place in the mixed/annual grass or other hays category.

FoxPipe Farm is a 90-acre farm just outside of Laurens SC that produces Sericea Lespedeza and Alfalfa/grass mix hays. Pastures for livestock grazing contain diverse mixtures of grass, legumes, and forbs providing high quality feed for livestock, as well as habitat for birds and insects. An additional benefit of the diversity is enhancing the health of the soil and improving soil organic matter.