Laurens County Museum Holds Volunteer Luncheon – Presents Safe Home with Donation

September 4, 2022

The Laurens County Museum Board and staff held a Luncheon on Wednesday, August 31, in the beautiful Magnolia Room of the Laurens County Museum.

This luncheon presented itself with a fourfold purpose. First, thanking all of the volunteers for their volunteer hours in helping make things happen over the past year. Second, providing a briefing as to the past history of the museum and the proposed program of work to those that are new as volunteers and to those that have made the decision to offer their assistance.  Third, allowing all volunteers, staff and board members to meet and greet each other. Lastly, providing a donation to the Laurens County Safe Home raised during the museum’s recent Women’s Leadership Luncheon.

During the luncheon, Laura Clifford, Executive Director of the Laurens County Museum, introduced and presented a check to Dawn Ardelt, Director for the Laurens County Safe Home.  Clifford explained, “Acting as an opening venue in June for the exhibit from the Smithsonian Museums Main Street’s “Voices and Votes; Democracy in America,” the inaugural Women’s Leadership Luncheon provided the sum of donations accepted and going to a designated non-profit agency within Laurens County.  The agency with the most votes from those in attendance was the Laurens County Safe Home.

Ardelt thanked the Museum for the donation and their support and reminded all of the fire at the safe home several years back stressing that funds are a tremendous help with continued repairs and renovations of the safe home.

Following the presentation to the Director of the Safe Home, Clifford, continued by recognizing the past and present Board Members who were in attendance, as well as, providing an update on the continued development of the Museum. Clifford also provided a brief overview of how the museum started and the importance of cataloguing and researching every item donated.