Laurens County Museum Launches Membership Drive and Highlights 2022 Achievements

April 10, 2023

The Laurens County Museum recently held a press conference to announce the launch of a two-month membership drive and highlight achievements in recent years.

During the months of April and May the museum invites community stakeholders and friends of the museum to help them increase reach and membership. The drive includes opportunities for adults and youth to win valuable prizes by recruiting new members for the museum.

“While we are excited to have had visitors from across the country, we know that there are many more residents of Laurens County and the surrounding area who have not heard about the museum,” said Teresa Noble, Chair of the Laurens Count Museum Association Board. “We have so much to offer the local community and look forward to increasing our reach with the membership drive.”

How the membership drive works:

How to Participate:

  • Register at the Laurens County Museum, 116 Public Square, Laurens, SC, beginning Saturday, April 1, 2023, between the hours of 10:00 am and 3:00 pm.
  • Pick up a packet containing membership materials.
  • Collect and record membership applications/renewals and money submitted.
  • Submit applications and money to museum staff no later than 1:00 pm, May 20, 2023.
  • Collected applications and money may be submitted and more application materials may be obtained by visiting the museum Tuesday-Saturday 10:00-3:00.

How to Win:

First Prizes:  Adults and youth collect and submit the applications and money for the highest dollar amount in memberships by 1:00 pm May 20, 2023.

Second Prizes:  Adults and youth collect and submit the applications and money for the most memberships by 1:00 pm May 20, 2023.

Two First Place Prizes:  One adult and one youth (age 0-18) will win an amazing prize:

  • Adult Prize:  One Friday-Sunday use of the Magnolia Room.*   ($2,500.00 value)
  • Youth Prize:  A party for 20 at the museum.  Party will be hosted by museum staff/volunteers and include activities and refreshments.*

Two Second Place Prizes:

  • One adult and one youth: Each will be awarded a weekday (Tuesday-Friday) use of the Magnolia Room for an event.*   ($500.00-$1,000.00 value)

*Winners must comply with all museum protocol and rules, including security deposit.

Youth winners:  At least 2 parents or other chaperones must be present. Winners must choose available dates.

Laurens County Museum Highlights from 2022:

During 2022 the Laurens County Museum attracted over 2,500 visitors from 57 towns or cities in South Carolina, 30 other states, and 3 foreign countries. In doing so, we brought positive attention to the county, acknowledgement of our rich history and commerce that helps to support other local businesses.

“The Laurens County Museum is such a treasure for our county,” said Mayor Nathan Senn. “Our stories from the houses and land and churches and streets matter. Who built them, who fought for them, who’s work changed us. Preserving history is critical to our future. I encourage everyone to support the museum as they continue their great work.”

Additional Activities and Accomplishments in 2022:

  • Held visiting hours from 10:00 – 3:00 staffed by volunteers.  Volunteers have worked a minimum of 3000 hours.
  • Conducted archaeology classes
  • Took curriculum kits to the Joe Adair Science Center
  • Conducted tours of the museum for private and public-school students
  • Conducted tours for seniors
  • Sponsored an intern from Presbyterian College
  • Hosted the Smithsonian Exhibit, “Voices and Votes”.  The exhibit drew 500 visitors during the six weeks it was on display.
  • Hosted seven Revolutionary War Lectures by Durant Ashmore and other historians.
  • Awarded the Boy Scout merit badge in archaeology to participating scouts
  • Held training sessions for museum volunteers
  • Provided meeting space at no charge (except for cleaning fees when necessary) for many local groups
  • Hosted and facilitated the following events:
    • Juneteenth Lecture
    • Lunch & Learn Smithsonian
    • Laurens County Women’s Luncheon
  • Provided a venue for 13 paid events including birthday parties, weddings, company parties, retirement parties
  • Hosted book signing by local authors

With the upcoming 250th celebration of the signing of the Declaration of Independence the museum has several planned initiatives and expects to see the number of visitors grow exponentially.  The Laurens County Museum will be the hub for activities surrounding the Sestercentennial celebrations.

The Laurens County Museum is like no other in the state and something for residents of Laurens County to be proud of. Show your support by becoming a member and if you want to take advantage of the membership drive, get your friends signed up and win a prize!

For more information contact stop by the museum or call Connie Post at (864)681-3678.