Laurens County to Host Young Farmers and Agribusiness Association State Meeting

March 22, 2023
In July Laurens County will host the South Carolina Farmer & Agribusiness Association 2023 Summer Tour.
This brings the opportunity for the county to showcase the diverse agriculture that Laurens County has to offer.

The event will take place July 21-22. Registration is 11:00 am – 1:00 pm at Clinton High School.

Tours start at 2 pm at Martin Nursery or Dale Taylor Tree Farm and then rotate to the other farm.  From there groups will rotate between Stewart Farm and Bull Hill Ranch.  Friday Evening will end with supper at Laurens District 55 High School.  Saturday tour stops include Fox Pipe Farm, Ghost Creek Gourds, Hollow Oak Brahmas/Wedding Venue. The event will conclude with lunch at Hollow Oaks.  The purpose of the tour is to showcase the Agricultural Industry in Laurens County and share our unique niches with others from around the State.

The tour will bring an estimated 150 – 200 visitors to our county for the weekend.