Laurens County Voters Said Yes to Invest!

November 4, 2020

The voters have spoken and the Capital Project Sales Tax (CPST) Referendum that was on the ballot on November 3rdpassed with overwhelming support.

A total of 24,736 votes were cast with 14,370 (58.09%) in favor and 10,366 (41.91%).

The “penny sales tax” will provide funding for 16 projects. The list of 16 projects was approved and ranked in order of importance by a six-person commission and presented to council earlier this year.

The referendum passed. Now what happens?

The commission of six individuals from around the county has finished their work (vetting of projects etc.) and the next step is bond issuance and getting the mechanics in place for fund disbursement. Funding is available May 1, 2021 so that is when the majority of the projects will be underway.  Some are using matching funds and multiple funding sources so they may start later.

Here is a list a list of the 16 projects:

  • Laurens County Parks and Recreation: Renovate and update recreational parks throughout the county to include new playground equipment, splash pads, picnic tables, and shelters. $1,727,500.
  • Clinton Regional Library: Construct a 12,000 square foot up-to-date library facility, offering books, computer access, designated children’s area, community gathering space, tutoring rooms and ample parking. $4,300,000.
  • Historic Courthouse: Restoration, repair, and renovation of the roof, exterior foundation, moisture control of the facility as well as an interior ADA compliant elevator. $3,550,766.
  • Agriculture and Business Center: Construct a multipurpose facility for public events and to house the Clemson Extension Offices. $7,983,008.
  • Fountain Inn Infrastructure Project: Upgrades to improve Exit 22 on Interstate 385 to enhance traffic flow and minimize congestion. $912,000.
  • E-911 Radio Upgrade: Purchase and upgrade all first responder radios to the Palmetto 800 standard to enable all responders to effectively communicate and coordinate responses. $2,481,496.
  • Laurens County Airport: Rebuild an efficient airport terminal to provide better services for the public and industry that will meet competitive standards in other regional Airports. $500,000.
  • Veterans’ Monuments and Memorial Park: Establish a memorial park at the Laurens County Library with monuments dedicated to the branches of the military. $414,200.
  • LCWSC Water Tower: Replaces the water tower in Hickory Tavern to increase capacity for more efficient operations of infrastructure and for future development. $1,994,755.
  • Martha Dendy Community Center: Improve and expand the capabilities for adult education, tutoring, and community enrichment at the former Martha Dendy School. $756,000.
  • Laurens County EMS Medic 1 Renovation: Renovate the current Medic 1 Center on Exchange Drive to improve services and response times, $314,500.
  • Laurens County Animal Shelter: Renovate the animal shelter to include an HVAC system, reduce harmful noise, and allow safer handling of animals, $280,000.
  • Laurens County Trails Association: Construct a walking/biking/hiking trail in and around Laurens County Hospital to become a part of the Swamp Rabbit Trail. $380,000.
  • Town of Gray Court Park: Construct the first phase of a park complex for ball fields and recreation. $891,220.
  • City of Clinton Infrastructure: Repair of certain streets, relocation of utility boxes, and repair certain aging water and sewage lines. $6,528,443
  • Laurens County Sheriffs’ Evidence Storage Facility: Construct a facility with climate control features for storing evidence, multi-year records, and mandatory court evidence. $1,964,250.