Laurens Police Department Launches Coalition of Local Businesses to Combat Nuisance Conduct

October 19, 2022

Law Enforcement & Business Coalition (LEBC) Against Nuisance Conduct

Unwanted individuals on the property can be extremely damaging to any business- including the bottom line and brand imaging. These individuals can deter legitimate customers, damage the property, leave a repulsive smell, and make the overall atmosphere of a business feel uncomfortable.

The Laurens Police Department (LPD) is here to help! In a coalition with local businesses, the LPD is offering trespass notices without the need for a representative for your business to be on scene. What does this mean for local businesses? Any individual that is deemed to be vagrant, loitering, commits theft, or is otherwise unruly on the property of businesses participating in the LEBC program will automatically be placed on trespass notice.

There will be quarterly meetings for the LEBC program beginning on December 5, 2022, at approximately 5:00 PM. These meetings will take place at the Laurens Police Department on the first Monday of every quarter (March, June, September and December).

Here is what local businesses need to do to participate:

  • The business must have “no trespassing” signs that are posted on every corner of the property.
  • The business must have at least one sign stating the following: “This property is under the jurisdiction of the Laurens Police Department.”

The signs can be purchased at Holman’s Printing, located at 207 Fleming Street, Laurens in Laurens. It is preferred that these signs are posted at the primary point of entrance to the business parking lot and are highly visible.

If a business does not participate in the program the LPD is still here to help. Simply call 911 for emergency situations or 864-681-0416 for non-emergency situations. Officers will respond to the complaint whether the business is enrolled in the program or not.

Those interested in participating in the LEBC should complete the form as a letter of intent. Questions should be directed to Captain Sherfield, at [email protected] or at 864-200-0088.